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How to get unlimited 5G data on Airtel for free on Android and iOS devices

How to get unlimited 5G data on Airtel for free:-Bharti Airtel has recently made a groundbreaking announcement that is sure to make waves in the telecom industry. The company is now providing its users with unlimited 5G data without any data cap. This means that Airtel users who reside in areas with Airtel 5G Plus coverage can now access unlimited internet on their 5G-enabled phones without any charges.

This move is reminiscent of Jio’s 4G launch, where they also provided users with unlimited data without any daily limits. However, Airtel has gone one step further than Jio by offering 5G speeds free of cost. This is a significant step towards revolutionizing 5G development across the country.

Airtel’s decision to provide unlimited 5G data is a strategic move that is aimed at capturing a larger share of the market. With this announcement, Airtel has clearly positioned itself as a leader in the telecom industry, and this move is likely to attract more users to their network.

 Airtel’s unlimited 5G data offering is a game-changer, and it is sure to disrupt the telecom industry. This announcement will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on the industry, and it will be interesting to see how other players respond to Airtel’s move.

How to get unlimited 5G data on Airtel for free
How to get unlimited 5G data on Airtel for free

Who to use unlimited Airtel 5G for free

If you are an Airtel user residing in an area with Airtel 5G Plus network coverage, you can use the 5G service for free. However, to access this service, you need to ensure that you have a 5G-enabled smartphone and have enabled Airtel 5G on your device.

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To claim your unlimited 5G data offer, you need to visit the Airtel Thanks App and follow the necessary steps to claim the offer. This is a fantastic opportunity for Airtel users to experience the next generation of wireless technology without any charges.

To use Airtel’s unlimited 5G data for free, you need to be an Airtel user residing in an area with Airtel 5G Plus coverage. If you have a 5G-enabled phone, you can access unlimited internet on your device without any charges. This is a significant step towards revolutionizing 5G development across the country, and it positions Airtel as a leader in the telecom industry.

How To Enable 

To connect to Airtel’s 5G network, open the settings on your smartphone, go to “Networks and Data,” and tap on your Airtel SIM. From there, you can enable the 5G network to start using the service. It’s that simple!

If 5G is available in your city, but you are not able to get the network, you can check when it will be live in your area by using the Airtel Thanks app. The app will provide you with information on when you can expect to start using Airtel’s 5G service.

It’s important to note that Airtel’s 5G Plus is currently available in over 270 cities. To see if your city is on the list of coverage areas, you can check the Airtel website or the Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel prepaid plans with unlimited 5G data

Airtel is offering unlimited 5G data for users who subscribe to a data plan of Rs 239 and above. If you have an active prepaid pack with any of the following amounts: Rs 239, Rs 265, Rs 296, Rs 299, Rs 319, Rs 359, Rs 399, Rs 455, Rs 479, Rs 489, Rs 499, Rs 509, Rs 519, Rs 549, Rs 666, Rs 699, Rs 719, Rs 779, Rs 839, Rs 999, Rs 1799, Rs 2999, and Rs 3359, you can enjoy unlimited 5G data without any daily data limits.

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Additionally, some of these plans include OTT benefits, such as a free subscription to Amazon Prime and Disney Plus Hotstar. With the added benefits of faster internet speeds, Airtel users can enjoy streaming their favorite content without any interruptions.

Airtel has disclosed that its 5G network speed is 20 to 30 times faster than its existing 4G network. This is a significant improvement that will enable users to enjoy faster downloads, streaming, and overall browsing experience.

Airtel postpaid plans with unlimited 5G data

Airtel is providing free unlimited 5G data on all postpaid plans. The postpaid plans are available at various prices, including Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 599, Rs 999, Rs 1199, and Rs 1499. All of these plans come with unlimited calling and SMS benefits.

Additionally, the plans priced between Rs 499 and Rs 1499 also offer free subscriptions to Amazon Prime and Disney Plus Hotstar. With these added benefits, Airtel postpaid users can enjoy unlimited 5G data along with other perks.

in Short

  • Airtel 5G Plus is now available in more than 270 Indian cities.
  • Users in Airtel 5G enabled cities can use unlimited internet without data cap.
  • Users can check of Airtel 5G Plus availability on Airtel Thanks app.

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